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Future Shorts will provide an alternative to the traditional film festival model, believing that all people regardless of geography, status or wealth should be able to see the most important and exciting new work from the world’s boldest filmmakers. From New York to Perth; from Hanoi to Berlin; from Edinburgh to Copenhagen; this is the next generation of film festivals.

Connecting audiences around the world with the boldest filmmakers working today in live, simultaneous events.
Bringing together a massive network of music venues, cinemas, theatres, clubs, warehouses, schools, hospitals, prisons, and more.


Film. Music. Art. People. This is not just an event. This is not just a film festival. This is a global cultural movement.

For more information on events taking place near you in November:


Almaz collective goes into a mission : meet with the young Myanmar art scene !
Raphael Olivier came out with a photo presentation of Yangoon underground Hip-Hop Scene

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Find more music like this on The Official Fanclub of Myanmar Hip Hop Association
And Vincent Baumont with a video about contemporary art:

vietnam works to live
vietnam works old into new
work makes piles of trash

come see almaz’s trash
the piles of trash in almaz
reflect work’s glory

Brian Webb