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Our friend Gabby Miller came along with Duc Hoang, Huy An and Toan Vu to use the space for a week of work, workshop and performance. They had a great use of any space, from the stairs to the rooftop, from installation to performance.

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Almaz Collective was pleased to welcome the artist 3TTMan in Hanoi and collaborated with him for an urban art intervention inspired by the famous B-Tong stencils quoting “vẽ tường màu miễn phí” (I paint walls for free) visible on Almaz building…. You can see more of his work, like the part of the Mosaic he made for the Hanoi Millenium, or his work in the ceramic village of Phu Lan here.

Almaz Collective presents On/Off, featuring 9 of Myanmar’s leading contemporary artists: Aung Pyi Sone, Maung Day, Moe Satt, M.S.O, Nge Lay, San Min, Than hay Maung, Thu Rein and Wah Nu, practicing contemporary art since three different eras of Myanmar history (1974 until now), join together to display installation, video, photography and performance. Two days of performance and art talk, to introduce you to the new explosion of art in Myanmar.

“The name “On / Off” refers to the quick moment between when something is switched on and switched off. It is not permanent nor a period of time one can prepare systematically. What one can see, hear, feel or interpret within a moment between when something is opened up and closed again is paramount. Just a short plotted incidence between the audience and artists – we share the moments together.”

Moe Satt – Curator

Almaz collective goes into a mission : meet with the young Myanmar art scene !
Raphael Olivier came out with a photo presentation of Yangoon underground Hip-Hop Scene

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And Vincent Baumont with a video about contemporary art: