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Welcome to Hanoi Dr Gosh!

Posted: February 19, 2011 in collaborations, graffiti, Guest

Hanoi is now home to the young, handsome, creative, funny and talented graffiti artist Dr Gosh. After visiting Vietnam for the first time in 2009/2010, he has decided to come back and stay with us in Tay Ho for new colourful adventures, so the Almaz Collective proudly welcomes this new family member and wishes him a very disco time in Vietnam!

You can learn more about Dr Gosh on his website


Almaz Collective was pleased to welcome the artist 3TTMan in Hanoi and collaborated with him for an urban art intervention inspired by the famous B-Tong stencils quoting “vẽ tường màu miễn phí” (I paint walls for free) visible on Almaz building…. You can see more of his work, like the part of the Mosaic he made for the Hanoi Millenium, or his work in the ceramic village of Phu Lan here.